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Tai Chi for Health is for everyone!  Young and old alike.

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Your local Tai Chi for Health classes are delivered by Angela who is a qualified Yoga teacher and a certified Tai Chi for Health Institute instructor (see Instructor Profile).

Unless otherwise stated, the classes and courses follow the Tai Chi for Health Institute programmes (http://taichiforhealthinstitute.org).

Tai Chi for Health classes are designed to be accessible for just about anyone and are easy-to-learn, safe and effective for health.  They are ideal for people of all ages including older adults who may want a slower pace of class, as well as adults seeking to bring more balance into their lives.

The slow pace of the movements help develop muscle strength, balance and co-ordination, which can aid fall prevention.  The slow pace and mental focus also has a calming effect on the mind, helping aid relaxation and relieve stress.  Other benefits include improved flexibility and posture.

Tai Chi for Health classes are inclusive and participants are encouraged to do the moves seated if tired and to use chairs to help with balance.